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Snowy White


Snowy has invited me to come to his first show in 18 month and do a guest appearence that night. The sold out shows is a one of peformance in the Gaste Garage in Hasbergen Germany! I'm totaly looking forward to playing with him again! 

New CD KOTW "Live at Paradiso"
Buddy X Groenlo
Otentic Ruud Weber Signature Bass

The Ruud Weber signature bass is ready. Last weekend I went to see luthier Rene Meulmeester of Otentic Guitars in Gorinchem Holland to see the first version of my own signature bass. After playing, adjusting and enjoying the knowledge of Rene, I took the bass with me and ended up playing the whole show on his new bass! What a great sound!  I'm "King of the World" with my Otentic siganture bass. Check out the website van Otentic Guitars for more information on these handbuilt Otentic guitars. www.otenticguitars.com
Nominated Dutch Blues awards 2014

Me and Govert van der Kolm are nominated again for the Dutch Blues Award!

Leave your votes on: http://www.dutchbluesfoundation.nl/dutch-blues-awards/stemformulier

North Sea Jazz Festival 2014


Click here for info!

King of the World winnaar 5 blues awards

Awards KOTW01NL

King of the World domineert de uitreiking van de Dutch Blues awards 2013 tijdens de uitreiking afgelopen zondag 9 februari. Alle vijf nominaties werden gewonnen: Beste bluesband, beste gitarist, beste toetsenist, beste drummer en beste bassist.

Nominations Dutch Blues awards
Blues awards 2013.
King of the World is nominated in all categories!

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