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We restyled the site together with the new CD!
For the new vistors, here's a little introduction:

Ikkebas_ZW2I was born in Enschede, a town in the East of Holland, in 1966. My Father, who went around the world for his work, took us with him regularly. I quest that’s how I developed my love for traveling.

I started playing bass when I was fifteen years old. All music of that time but mostly the Rock bands of the 70’s and 80’s like Thin Lizzy, Pat Travers and the Police, got me inspired to start my first local bands.

At age eighteen I got accepted on to the Music Conservatorium in Hilversum to study Jazz. It only lasted one year because I was asked to join the Irish band Albatross, fronted by Barry McCabe. I much preferred to go out and play then to study Jazz and got my first introduction to playing the blues.

We played all around Europe for about 10 years and recorded three live albums. Up to this day I do occasional shows with Barry McCabe.

As a bass player I realized that I could do even more shows if I could sing too. With my friend/guitarist Rene Merbis we started to do lots of gigs and I ended up being the “singing bass player”.


After playing loud Blues Rock music for many years I developed ear problems that made me decide to stop music all together at age 30. As a music junkie this couldn’t last for long and after a short depressing period I decided to try it differently. I started a monthly acoustic session in a famous local music club "the Cactus" led by a music lover called Bertus. This turned out to be fantastic and we still organize the session every month.

NOJACKSZW1This session led to my acoustic band No Jacks. A group of friends that just played for the love of music. Great roots music like blues, country, funk or whatever we felt like. For years we went to the south of France to gig around and met lots of beautiful people over there. I also started writing my own songs, which ended up on the two CD’s we recorded with No Jacks.



Around that time I found better earplugs, which made it possible for me to play more without getting my ears in trouble. I recorded some albums with different bands like E-Norm from my hometown or with Nico Wayne Toussaint from France. Nico is a long time friend of mine and is a great Harmonica player and lead singer in his own band. I ended up touring with him throughout Holland, France and Italy and played on his CD “Transgender”. 

BuddyX_Around this time I started doing sessions with my friend/guitarist Lars Muller who is an amazing talent in the blues jazz style of Larry Carlton and Robben Ford. With drummer Rob ter Maat this turned out to be the Ruud Weber Band. The last two years we’ve been working on our first CD called “New Blues”. It's one of my favorite recordings and can’t wait to release it and go on the road with these guys.



mick_taylor_band_ZWOver the last ten years I’ve been lucky to back up several musicians like David Gogo (Can), Tony Vega (USA), Mick Taylor (UK) and Arthur Ebeling from Holland.


Snowy_IK_ZWDuring a show in Italy with the Barry McCabe band, we had Snowy White (UK) as a special guest. Snowy White, known from his work with Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy, Peter Green and his hit “Bird of Paradise”, is one of the people I grew up listening to when I was younger. I was thrilled to play with him and even more when later asked me if I wanted to be the singer bass player in his new band called the Snowy White Blues Project. In 2008 we recorded our first CD “In our Time of Living” for which I wrote four songs. Together with Snowy and guitarist singer Matt Taylor I share the lead vocals in this band. In 2009 we released the album and since then we’ve been busy touring all around the world and promoting the album. In September 2010 we released or second CD "In Our Time.....Live". A great live recording that gives a good impression of our live show. There's two songs pf mine on the album. In 2012 we released a live DVD Snowy White and Friends "After Paradise" with a great collection of musicians out of Snowy's past.




In 2012 I started a new band King of the World with some great players from Holland like guitarist Erwin Java (Cuby & the Blizzards - Herman Brood), drummer Fokke de Jong (David Gogo, Malford Milligan, Normaal), Hammondplayer Gover van der Kolm (Matt Schofield, Coco Montoya, Monster Mike Welsch). We released our first CD "Can't go home" in 2013 that created a big buzz around Holland an got great reviews. check www.kingoftheworld.eu


Ruud Weber