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Ruud Weber, born in 1966 Enschede the Netherlands, started his musical career in local bands around his hometown. After studying one year at the Conservatory he was asked to join the Irish bluesrock trio Albatross. This is where he developed his love for traveling, playing and the blues. Eight years long they toured around Europe and they produced three albums. In this time he also started developing his singing and his songwriting skills. With the rare combination of vocal and bass he developed into the full-grown front man that was asked by Snowy White (UK) to join his band in 2009. With the Snowy White Blues Project they played all over Europe and produced two albums and a DVD with several of his own written songs on it. In 2010 he recorded his own Ruud Weber Band album “New Blues” that was well received by the press. Over the years he was asked to back up or do studio work with artist like Nico Wayne Toussaint (FR), Arthur Ebeling (NL), David Gogo (CAN), Tony Vega (USA) and Mick Taylor (UK). In 2012 he started the band King of the World together with three other well-known Dutch blues players and they became an overnight success in the Netherlands. Other countries soon discovered the unique sound and quality of the band and invited them to come over and play there. As a bass player he received the “Best Blues Bass player” award three times (2013, 2014 and 2016). King of the World has built a solid name over the years by being on National Television several times and playing some of the biggest festivals like the North Sea Jazz Rotterdam and Bluesrock Tegelen. Their fifth album “Connected” is released in 2019 and the band in promoting it throughout Europe. 2018 brought a new project called the King’s Rhythm Crew that is backing up National and International artist like Matt Schofield (UK), Kid Ramos (USA), Scott Sharard (USA), Hugh Coltman (UK), Jon Amor (UK) en JB Meijers (NL). In 2020 Ruud and the King’s Rhythm Crew are planning to do shows with Matt Schofield.

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Space Captain // King of the World - Connected
  1. Space Captain // King of the World - Connected
  2. I can’t help myself // King of the World - Connected
  3. Life after you // King of the World - Connected
  4. Money // King of the World - Connected
  5. Eyes wide open // King of the Wolrd - Connected
  6. Saving Grace // King of the World - Connected
  7. Future man // King of the World - Connected
  8. Give me back my heart // King of the World - Give me back my heart
  9. Connected // King of the World - Connected
  10. Love don’t come from you (King of the World) // King of the World - Connected